Episode #3: "Why You Can't Get Everything You Need From Food"

In this episode you will discover:
✅ Why food today is letting your body down ([spp-timestamp time="3:58"])
✅ How to bridge the gap between performance and wellness when you’re buried in work, family, and the holidays ([spp-timestamp time="2:16"])
✅ How your fad diet is leaving you malnourished ([spp-timestamp time="5:28"])
✅ Why “an apple a day” will not save you from fatigue, weight gain, or stress ([spp-timestamp time="10:12"])
✅ The one secret ingredient you can add to your diet to make it work for you ([spp-timestamp time="10:59"])

[spp-player url=”https://coachkatiedangerpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/KSP-003-Why-saying-I-Get-Everything-I-Need-From-Food-is-FALSE.mp3″%5D

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