Episode #31: This is Hottest Fitness Trend of 2020

Show highlights include:

  • The best low-impact workout you can do — especially if you’re dealing with nagging injuries ([spp-timestamp time="3:34"]) 
  • How to make the stars align to help you quickly accomplish your wildest dreams ([spp-timestamp time="4:58"]) 
  • This exercise works 85% of your muscles without adding unnecessary pressure on your joints ([spp-timestamp time="8:43"]) 
  • Perhaps the safest workout you can do in the middle of a pandemic ([spp-timestamp time="19:46"]) 
  • How to have a challenging workout without feeling like a bus hit you the next morning ([spp-timestamp time="21:02"]) 
  • The one workout everyone can do — regardless of your age, weight, or fitness level ([spp-timestamp time="22:18"]) 
  • An easy way to boost your heart rate for weight loss without beating up your body ([spp-timestamp time="22:59"]) 

To learn more about Row House, you can check out their website at https://www.therowhouse.com/ and follow their Instagram and Facebook page

To get in touch with Kennedy directly, you can reach out to her on her Instagram page @KennedyCH. Or to get in touch with Bella directly, you can follow her Instagram page @fortysomething.fitshow or join her free Stacking Bodies Rowing Club @sbrowclub.

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