Episode #30: Coffee: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Show highlights include:

  • The #1 most important label to pay attention to when buying coffee ([spp-timestamp time="3:45"]) 
  • How to “get away” with drinking 5 cups of coffee per day without sabotaging your body ([spp-timestamp time="4:08"]) 
  • You’re wrecking your body and the environment every time you sip on this style of jo ([spp-timestamp time="5:05"]) 
  • How to avoid getting duped by clever coffee marketing into buying hazardous coffee ([spp-timestamp time="9:46"]) 
  • The easy-peasy way to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment ([spp-timestamp time="12:27"]) 
  • 3 of the best coffee brands to try — especially if you’re on a budget ([spp-timestamp time="13:44"]) 

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