Episode #29: Are You Using The Right Protein Powder?

Show highlights include:

  • Why protein powder beats unprocessed whole food sources in a fight ([spp-timestamp time="4:12"])
  • The biggest misconception about when to consume your protein ([spp-timestamp time="4:40"]) 
  • The best protein powders for weight loss, fat loss, and muscle gain ([spp-timestamp time="16:46"]) 
  • The trick for instantly knowing which protein powder is superior ([spp-timestamp time="5:52"]) 
  • Your protein powder needs this key nutrient or you won’t gain any muscle ([spp-timestamp time="6:28"]) 
  • The admittedly silly, yet important reason to pick one protein powder over another ([spp-timestamp time="8:45"])
  • Most plant-based proteins aren’t complete proteins except this controversial one… ([spp-timestamp time="14:20"])
  • This dangerous and inflammatory ingredient is commonly found in meal replacement shakes and will sabotage your goals ([spp-timestamp time="18:23"]) 
  • Your protein powder will be useless if you don’t consume this… ([spp-timestamp time="22:11"]) 

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