Episode #28: Inspiring The Future – Interview with Leia Baez

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Show highlights include:

  • If you learn how to control this, you’ll be able to accomplish anything you want ([spp-timestamp time="4:16"]) 
  • The admittedly hard, yet powerful way to change your mindset when you’re stuck in a dark place ([spp-timestamp time="5:54"]) 
  • Repeat this phrase every morning to unlock the full magic of your mind ([spp-timestamp time="8:07"]) 
  • The trick to instantly make yourself feel better regardless of what’s happening in your life ([spp-timestamp time="10:27"]) 
  • The “F-word” that banishes anxiety, frustration, and negative thoughts from your head ([spp-timestamp time="12:47"]) 
  • This app helps you exercise, have fun, and bond with your kids without any pushback ([spp-timestamp time="18:43"]) 

If you have any questions for Leia, you can email her at info@leiabaez.com or follow her Facebook at Leia Baez Speaks.

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