Episode #27: What I Learned From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Show highlights include:

  • The only 3 major components that build your foundation of health (and the one “hidden” one that nobody ever talks about) ([spp-timestamp time="1:48"])
  • Feeling tired or “off your game” because of the quarantine? It might be this silent killer lurking in your home… ([spp-timestamp time="2:44"]) 
  • Why you can’t rely on home detectors for this toxic chemical ([spp-timestamp time="6:42"]) 
  • How to see the silver lining in any situation where you’ve suffered ([spp-timestamp time="9:28"]) 
  • The single most dangerous environment to work out in ([spp-timestamp time="11:11"]) 
  • 2 easy ways to mitigate the damage your body takes from unseen toxins ([spp-timestamp time="13:22"]) 

If you have any questions about my experience, send me an email at katie@coachkatiedanger.com.  

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