This supplement is a “cheat code” for everything

Show highlights include:

  • The single most important supplement you can take to boost your strength, power, speed, endurance, and muscles ([spp-timestamp time="5:38"]) 
  • The easy way to lift more volume during your workout sessions without getting fatigued ([spp-timestamp time="5:41"]) 
  • Studies suggest this supplement improves brain health and prevents neurological diseases ([spp-timestamp time="7:20"]) 
  • Want to increase your bench press one rep max by 14%? Start by taking this supplement… ([spp-timestamp time="10:49"]) 
  • How to increase your muscle fiber growth by 2-3x in 12 weeks ([spp-timestamp time="10:05"]) 
  • The biggest mistake you’re making when you think you’ve plateaued in your training ([spp-timestamp time="10:15"]) 

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