Meet an Adaptive Athlete: Brandon Ryan

Show highlights include:

  • Why bodyweight training crushes powerlifting training in a fight ([spp-timestamp time="4:29"])
  • Why having cerebral palsy or any other degenerative disease isn’t an excuse to neglect exercise ([spp-timestamp time="5:14"]) 
  • Your physical body will never matter as much as this often overlooked thing… ([spp-timestamp time="7:27"])  
  • Two forbidden words you should never say when it comes to your fitness regimen ([spp-timestamp time="7:58"])
  • The subtle mindset shift that “bulletproofs” your mind from negative thoughts ([spp-timestamp time="8:30"]) 
  • How to develop an iron-clad will that will help you squash any obstacle in your path ([spp-timestamp time="12:31"]) 
  • Struggling with motivation? Listen to this former Navy Seal who was told he’d never amount to anything… ([spp-timestamp time="13:54"]) 

If you want to get in touch with Brandon, you can contact him on his Instagram page @brandontheadaptiveone.

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