Antinutrients: What You Need To Know

Show highlights include:

  • How eating an entire bag of pretzels in one sitting can make you healthier ([spp-timestamp time="1:40"]) 
  • Did you know that over 90% of this plant grown in the United States and used in your favorite snacks are genetically-modified? ([spp-timestamp time="4:05"]) 
  • The trick to avoid accidentally buying antinutrients by dodging these grocery store aisles ([spp-timestamp time="8:12"]) 
  • 3 ways to cook foods that are naturally high in antinutrients to make them safer for human consumption ([spp-timestamp time="9:05"]) 
  • These “hidden” ingredients in your food create more oxidative stress in your body, damage new cells and muscle tissues, and wreck your recovery ([spp-timestamp time="11:45"]) 
  • Studies found this oil will wreak havoc on your brain function (and which oil to use instead to improve your brain function…) ([spp-timestamp time="12:21"]) 
  • The “P-word” that helps you get away with eating unhealthy antinutrients without sabotaging your health ([spp-timestamp time="13:51"]) 

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