How’s Your Weight Belt Working?

Show highlights include:

  • How to “mimic” what a weight belt does to your body without splurging on an expensive weight belt ([spp-timestamp time="2:18"]) 
  • Why using a weight belt can backfire on you and make you weaker ([spp-timestamp time="3:04"]) 
  • You should only use a weight belt at this specific percentage of your one rep max ([spp-timestamp time="3:20"]) 
  • The powerlifter’s trick to lift heavier weights with ease ([spp-timestamp time="6:06"]) 
  • How to reduce pain and swelling in your knees so you can recover quicker and perform better ([spp-timestamp time="8:24"])  
  • How insurance agencies fundamentally sabotage the relationship with your personal trainer ([spp-timestamp time="12:11"]) 
  • The ugly truth about why you wear a weight belt that will sacrifice your results over time ([spp-timestamp time="19:37"]) 
  • The absolute worst time to wear a weight belt ([spp-timestamp time="21:21"]) 

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