Beets Are The New Performance “Secret Weapon”

Show highlights include:

  • How to increase your blood flow, improve lung function, and strengthen your muscle contractions doing nothing more than drinking this tasty drink ([spp-timestamp time="2:54"]) 
  • The dead simple way to increase your performance by 16% or more ([spp-timestamp time="3:54"]) 
  • Do you struggle with inflammation after a workout? Try adding this into your nutrition routine… ([spp-timestamp time="6:49"]) 
  • The exact number of beets you need to consume to reap all of the performance-enhancing benefits ([spp-timestamp time="7:55"]) 
  • The quick and easy way to add beets into your pre-workout nutrition — especially if you don’t like the taste ([spp-timestamp time="8:20"]) 
  • The biggest mistake athletes make after an intense workout that wrecks any gains you would have made ([spp-timestamp time="9:02"]) 

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