Change Is Good

Show highlights include:

  • How to take control of your day — especially in a chaotic world ([spp-timestamp time="1:49"]) 
  • The sly way the media creates unnecessary fear and anxiety in you ([spp-timestamp time="3:47"])
  • The single most important thing you can do during a quarantine to keep your sanity ([spp-timestamp time="4:41"])
  • Why there’s no better time in history to analyze and evaluate your habits ([spp-timestamp time="4:32"]) 
  • The “quick and easy” way to control your thoughts ([spp-timestamp time="5:02"]) 
  • You must do this one thing before watching the news to prevent you from getting overwhelmed with anxiety and fear ([spp-timestamp time="6:45"]) 
  • The Corporation’s secret for staying grounded and centered during tough times ([spp-timestamp time="7:12"]) 
  • Why your gym shutting down isn’t an excuse to stop exercising ([spp-timestamp time="9:17"]) 

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