What Happens When You Don’t Eat For Three Days

Show highlights include:

  • How a juice fast will magically add way more time to your day ([spp-timestamp time="6:01"]) 
  • The easy way to sweat like crazy — especially when you’re sulking during your juice fast ([spp-timestamp time="9:03"]) 
  • Half the trick to not throwing in your towel halfway through your juice fast ([spp-timestamp time="9:47"]) 
  • The biggest mistake you’re making during a juice fast that obliterates your productivity ([spp-timestamp time="17:23"]) 
  • How a juice fast will alter your relationship with hunger ([spp-timestamp time="17:45"]) 
  • How something as silly as fasting has a profound impact on your gratitude ([spp-timestamp time="19:32"]) 

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