The Everyday Athlete Manifesto

In this episode you will discover:

  • Want to feel empowered? Try this! ([spp-timestamp time="3:09"])
  • How the healthcare industry is letting you die ([spp-timestamp time="4:26"])
  • The one thing you must do to take control of your life ([spp-timestamp time="7:30"])
  • Why you must do this one thing before you can have good health ([spp-timestamp time="8:36"])
  • Why you’re accepting poor health as normal and what you can do to change your standards ([spp-timestamp time="9:26"])
  • The six key factors that determine your health ([spp-timestamp time="10:30"])
  • How your finances could be making you unhealthy ([spp-timestamp time="12:06"])
  • Surrounding yourself with this one thing will change your life ([spp-timestamp time="13:35"])

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Changing the world, one day at a time. I enjoy helping others through health and fitness education, inspiration and supplementation.

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