The Everyday Athlete Manifesto (Raw & Unedited)


I am often disgruntled by the way most leadership operates. They lead with vanity stats and numbers like revenue, profit, shares, etc. Things that sound pretty to them, but what value do they have to the actual customer?

I’ve found myself wanting to lead from a different approach.

To focus more on the true cause of what we are doing, rather than focus on being THE BEST, OR THE MOST VALUABLE, or whatever is trendy at the time.

The athletes, the customers and fans of Red H Nutrition deserve to know what makes the whole operation tick. I share this so I can align myself with like-minded athletes and customers to make our community even stronger!

To be clear, Red H Nutrition is my WHY … it’s the fruition of wanting to find a way to help anyone looking to optimize their fitness and nutrition, bridge the gaps between wellness and performance.

But, the real CAUSE … the reason I grind away, day in and day out, is because I believe everyone should be empowered through fitness. There is no better way to empower yourself to reach your potential than through empowering, stimulating and fun physical activity.

I believe that if you are not mentally optimal … you can find solace in fitness.

If you are not emotionally optimal … fitness can provide you literal endorphins to help you overcome your body’s current physiological state.

If you are struggling spiritually, you can find fitness as a safe place where communities lift each other up and reinforce the strength you have within.

It is incredibly important that I make this clear distinction between our WHY and our CAUSE.

The CAUSE will keep us on the right track and endure, through thick or thin, or as our world changes. It’s the driving force that keeps us all focused on the singular outcome of empowering every last person on earth to take back control of their health and wellness, no matter the time in their life they choose to do so.

The CAUSE is also inclusive – if you believe in this and want to be a part of it, you are welcome.

I can not stand by and watch as people take a back seat to their own lives, when they believe they have succumb to a sickness. Or when their only options are “medications for life”. Chronic diseases and sedentary lifestyles are killing people and our healthcare industry is only finding ways to profit from it … not fix it.

It is not IF someone can take back control, but it is WHEN they choose to do so. Our CAUSE is communicating this opportunity for change, empowering and ownership sooner than later.

By being on this team the only thing you ever have to keep in mind is SERVICE. How can we do more, be more and give more to those around us? How can we use what we know to inspire others to see the best in themselves?

My best ideas often come while I am getting ready for my day, so when I started to have a clear vision of our CAUSE and what our team, our brand and our identity is, I seized the moment and hit record. I hope you enjoy!

PS – This audio is raw and unedited … it is simply my stream of consciousness for you all to hear me at my improv!

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Changing the world, one day at a time. I enjoy helping others through health and fitness education, inspiration and supplementation.

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